Will homeowners insurance pay for wild animal damage?

Costly Damage If you own a house near the woods, we bet that you are probably familiar with the habits and sounds of snakes, raccoons, and other wild animals that inhabit the woods. We can also bet that you are probably aware of how repairing wild animal damage can be costly, especially if extensive restoration and repairs are required. This is why some homeowners ask themselves will their insurance pay for wild animal damage. Well, we will give you answers to that important question in this informative article.

Standard Home Insurance Policy
Generally speaking, a mobile home or standard home insurance policy will always cover damage done to your property by a wild animal as long as the animal which made the damage isn’t a rodent. We include mice and rats in rodents. Animals that aren’t rodents include raccoons, opossums, birds, skunks, and bats.

You may have heard that damage done by a wild animal can only be covered if it defined as malicious intent or vandalism. However, “malice” and “intent” +are terms that are used to define the term “vandalism” in many policies, however, a wild animal cannot develop any of these human characteristics. This is why you shouldn’t assume that coverage for vandalism will cover damage done by hungry raccoons or opossums. When you are considering a home insurance policy, you should take time to describe to an insurance agent a few possible events where damages could be caused by wild animals or a wild animal. After telling an insurance agent such scenarios ask him/her whether or not the policy you are about to take will cover damage in such cases.

Possible Scenarios
You return home after being absent from it a couple of days just to find out that it has been damaged or contaminated by several wild animals. Are you covered in such case?

Your home insurance policy will need to include coverage for damage by wild animals. Your home insurance should also define vandalism as damage done to your property by a wild animal. You noticed raccoons in your attic and you saw that they made significant damage to your attic. Are you covered?

Raccoons aren’t considered as rodents and you will be covered if a raccoon wreaks havoc in your attic. However, to get covered, you will need to somehow prove the insurance company that you didn’t notice the animals in your attic right away.

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Will homeowners insurance pay for wild animal damage?

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