What if a rodent got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc

There is no point in blaming one another if a rodent already found its way to your kitchen, bedroom or whatever place inside your house. Although a simple preventive measure would have gone a long way.

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To better deal with this, you need to check your surrounding all the time and see to it that the garbage are kept properly or maybe you’ve missed a hole on the wall which caused the rodent to come in. Whatever the case may be, early intervention is still the best way to handle this.

Change your point of view
Aside from the front door or the door from the kitchen that we sometimes leave open, the roof is another accessible place for rodents to get their way inside our houses. If you think everyone in the household is doing his or her part in keeping all the doors closed, then there must be some part of the house where we need to focus more.

• The damaged rooflines connecting to the eaves are commonly used by rodents to sneak their way through our homes
• Even small holes become bigger once these rodents start to chew the parts of the walls and ceilings
• Seal the holes immediately or install a sheet of metal screen on sections where air and ventilation is needed
• Cut down the branches from a tree sitting next to the house to prevent critters from dangling its way up to the attic

Catch on the early days
Getting rid of one rodent is so much easier than getting rid of the whole pack. People encountering this problem for the first time would usually try solvingthe matter with their own hands. It’s only fair since it’s their home and they know what’s good for all. Sadly, some repellents only work in the early stage that’s why it is not advisable to use this strategy.

What you can do instead
If you think you can handle using a trap then you can try using it to save on cost. This is also very effective if you are only dealing with one or two rodents from the entire house.

• Try placing the repellent on strategic locations
• Use a trap designed specifically for the target
• Place baits along the trailway
• Make sure your pet don’t try eat it otherwise it might accidentally step on the trapping device
• Use extra precaution when using a poisonous substance for the bait

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What if a rodent got inside my house, bedroom, kitchen, etc

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