How to kill iguanas?

It’s an Epidemic! Over the past 40 years, iguanas have invaded pretty much every urban and rural area in Florida. They have invaded Florida in such a way that it has become an epidemic! And it seems that there is no end of iguana epidemic in Florida in sight! You can see that iguanas in Florida everywhere - pooping in swimming pools, taking over backyards, eating flowers, eating fruits, destroying seawalls, making damage to landscapes, and destroying foundations. These varmint animals have also been seen spreading harmful bacteria and stinking up human dwellings in Florida and other parts of the United States.

Do Iguanas Carry Diseases?
Besides iguanas are not welcome by people because these animals are known to cause serious damage to garden plants, they aren’t also welcome by people because of a number of diseases they carry. These pests carry a number of dangerous diseases that can seriously affect humans and pets.

The most common diseases that are spread by iguanas are botulism and salmonellosis. Besides these dangerous diseases, iguanas also spread diseases such as campylobacteriosis (bowel infection), trichinellosis, and leptospirosis (a nervous system disease and muscle disease).

Health Problems Caused by Iguana
Most reptiles, including iguanas, carry a variety of bacteria that are highly beneficial to them but dangerous to mammals such as humans and pets. Salmonella bacteria live in a healthy iguana’s intestines.

This means that you shouldn’t ever touch an iguana’s droppings because you could easily get infected with salmonella. Salmonella is a dangerous illness that leads to dehydration and severe nausea.

Another dangerous disease spread by iguanas is called botulism. This disease has flu-like symptoms and it results from touching the skin of an iguana which is host to botulism bacteria. Although botulism in humans caused by iguanas is rare, botulism in dogs caused by iguanas is common and it can lead to paralysis. Now that you have read all of the dangers that iguanas carry, you probably think that the best idea to get rid of them is to kill them. But, is it legal for you to kill iguanas?

Is it Legal?
It is completely legal to kill iguanas in the United States. This comes from the fact that iguanas aren’t native to the United States and because they are varmint animals.

How to Kill an Iguana?
The best way to kill an iguana is to catch the animal with a snare trap. Once you caught the animal, put it in a chest freezer and leave it there to die.

You can also kill a trapped iguana by shooting it directly into the head. However, the first way of killing an iguana we described is a more humane way of killing the animal.

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How to kill iguanas?

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