How to make a rat trap

If you are a DIY kind of homeowner, you probably want to handle every aspect of your homes maintenance. If you are having an issue with rats, we have several handy bucket style rattraps for you to try. They can all be made in your home with many items you probably already have. Here are our top choices for ease, operation, and effectiveness.

1)Bucket trap one- you will need; a large bucket, a spoon, thin stick, or any long thin item the will just reach across the bucket, and Any type of nut butter. You can fill the bucket 2/3 full of water (lethal trap) or leave it empty. You need a Short board that reaches from the ground to the top of the bucket. Operation- Spread the nut butter across the spoon (stick, etc) and balances it across the top of the bucket. Lean the board against the bucket like a ramp. Premise –the rat walks up the ramp and on to the spoon to eat the bait. The spoon (stick, whatever) falls in the bucket. The rat cannot climb the spoon, so it is trapped. If you have filled the bucket 2/3 with water, the rat will most likely drown.

2) Bucket trap two-you will need a large bucket, a piece of cardboard or paper plate that just fits the diameter of the bucket to use as a lid. Bait for the lid, and water if you want a lethal trap. Operation - In the very center of the plate or cardboard, place your bait, and place the paper “lid” on the bucket. Put the bucket in a spot were the rat can easily access the top. Near a table or bench will work. Premise- the rat moves on to the “lid “of the bucket to get the bait. The tops falls in and the rat is trapped.

3)Bucket trap three- you will need; a five gallon plastic bucket a small (like one liter) bottle, a piece of wire about 6 inches longer than the diameter of the bottle, some nut butter for bait, and a drill. Drill a hole through each (opposite) side of the bucket about 1 inch down from the edge. Drill a hole through both ends of a plastic bottle. Run the wire through one hole in the bucket, then through the bottle, the other hole in the bucket. Bend down the ends of the wire. The bottle should spin freely on the wire. Smear nut butter on the bottle, and the trap is set.
-the rat goes after the nut butter, the bottle spins, dumping him in the bucket. Now he is trapped.

If you find that your rat problem is a bit too much to handle, you might want to call an animal removal service in your area. These professionals can deal with the rats quickly and efficiently.

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How to make a rat trap

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