How to make a snake trap

Most snakes you encounter around your yard and gardens are probably not venomous, but many people do not like snakes. If you believe you have a snake problem, and want to remove it, there are plenty of DIY methods on the market. Here are some popular snake traps that are simple to make and easy to use.

1) The bottle trap- you will need a sharp knife, a plastic bottle (like a soda or water bottle), a dead mouse (you can purchase them frozen at a pet store), eggs, or other bait, and tape. Cut a hole in the side of the bottle large enough to allow you to insert the bait. Tape the hole closed. Place the bottle, without the lid, on its side near where you have seen snake activity. Check it often. The snake will go in, swallow the mouse, and be unable to pull out until the mouse id digested. This works because snakes do not chew their food. They swallow it whole, and it slowly digests.

2) Use a minnow trap- minnow traps are cheap to purchase, and easy to make. This trap consists of a wire mess cylinder that is closed on one end. It has a wire mesh funnel in the center. Place bait in the center of the trap. The snake goes in the funnels wide end, swallows the bait, and cannot get out.

3) Glue trap- you will need a shallow box, a glue sheet, tape, and bait. Tape the glue sheet, sticky side up to the inside of the box. Place the bait in the box, and leave one side open (or cut a small hole in the box). Place the box in a snake traffic area. The snake goes in after the bait and is stuck. You can then relocate the snake, box, and all. The snake will eventually free itself from the glue.

Now you must decide what to do with the snake. You can, of course seal up the trap and allow it to die, but we prefer relocation. Always take precautions when freeing a snake from a trap. Make sure to wear long sleeves and long pants (multiple layers if you can) when you go out to release your snake. Thick gloves and a stick are useful as well. The trap should be suitable as transport for the snake. You can put the trap in a box or bag if you are worried. Here are different ways of freeing your snake based on the trap used.

• When using a bottle trap, just wait for the mouse to digest, and the snake will slither away.

• When using glue trap, pour vegetable oil on the snake’s body. This will help it work free of the glue.

• When using a minnow trap, retract the funnel wire and allow the snake to decide to when to leave.

If you want your trap for future use, you should return for it later

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How to make a snake trap

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