What are some humane ways to kill a rodent?

First of all most of the people and professionals are of the view that we should not kill the rodents even after we trap them. The best and humane way if to relocate them and carry out their exclusion from the house but one has t make sure that they may not find a way of getting into the house again. There is another school of thought who says that it is right to kill the rodents after they are spotted down or trapped because if they remain alive they will find one way or the other and will get into the house. According to these people, there is only one way of getting rid of the rodents completely and permanently. But there are different ways of killing the rodents and getting rid of them. Some of these ways are humane while some are really cruel ways which are not only painful but also difficult to bear. Sometimes people use such kinds of traps which are so lethal that they can even make the rodents killed. Therefore there remains only one way of getting rid of them and that is to humanly kill them and dispose them off.

How to trap the rodents
There is a specific problem related with killing f rodents. That is associated with the trapping of rodents. Definitely you can kill the animals after you trap and some of the rodents are really cage shy. They do not even enter the traps or even pass near them. This category of rodents is really difficult to catch and dispose off. In these cases one has to be really keen and careful for trapping the rodents. There are certain suitable strategies which are needed to be adopted so as to trap the rodents and get rid of them finally.

Ways of killing them humanly
The most humane way of killing the small sized rodents like rats and squirrels is to hit them slightly on head by some hard thing. This light blow can prove to be very hard on the skull and eventually brain of the animal finally resulting in the death of the animal. This is the least painful way of killing them humanly. There is another method usually adopted by professionals as well that they sometimes poison the rodents and let them die. This method is however somewhat painful as it takes some time for the rodents to kill them.

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What are some humane ways to kill a rodent?

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