Humane Mouse Traps.

The Havahart Mouse Trap
They are made of wire mesh and steel, and contain two doors which either can be used y the mouse to enter, and a bait table that is centrally placed. Once the mouse gets and tries to reach the food, the doors snap close as they are connected to the bait table by a sturdy wire triggered by the spring mechanism. Though it catches one mouse at a time, it is a no kill method and can be used over and over again.

Smart Mouse Trap
It looks like a tiny mouse house with a stainless steel spring under the plastic floor. The mouse enters through the open door to reach out for the bait placed in a removable door between two pieces of plastic at the other end of the hose, through the trigger plate which in turn snaps the door closed before the mouse gets to the food. It catches one mouse at a time but both the trap and the bait can be reused over time.

Mice Cubes
It is very simple to set up. This trap is a rectangular box made of plastic that is not transparent with one open side. The entry side is not completely open but has a door that only swings one way, when going inside. The bait is placed inside this box, at the other end, in which the mouse will swing the door inwards to get to the food but won’t be able to swing it outwards to get out and so will be trapped. Unlike the smart mouse trap and the Havahart mouse trap, mice cubes can capture more than one mouse at a time.

Kness Pro-Ketch Multiple Catch Mouse Trap
It is almost similar to the Havahart Mouse, except for the slimmer design hence can be placed in a tight space such as between cabinets and the expanded space which can hold more than the one mouse at time.

Plastic snap trap
This is a humane kill method since the trapped mouse doesn’t suffer as it is killed instantly. First the bait is placed on a small cup and the metal lever pulled back up to 90 degrees, which is released in a snap second closing on the mouse when it steps on the plate thus killing it instantly.

Do-It-Yourself Mouse trap
As their name suggest, these pretty effective non-violent homemade traps can also be used to catch mice. They include;

• The flip plate/lid and bucket trap.
• Swinging lid and bucket trap.
• Glass bottles with slippery walls.
• Box traps with paper trap doors.
• Topple/flip coin(with an upside down placed glass)
• The toilet paper roll traps over a bucket among other self invented methods.

Read the How to get rid of mouses page for helpful information and to learn more about Humane Mouse Traps.

Humane Mouse Traps.

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