What is integrated pest control method?

Introduction When it’s too much to handle, when the pest are at your throne, you really need to do something and very urgently. Pest multiply very urgently and the more they are in you farm the more the exposure your crops and animals get to very many diseases and damages.

When to use integrated pest control method?
When every method you have tried seems to be going down that when you employ the use of integrated pest control method. This method will help you to get rid of the pest that have infested your farm and actually control them to a point of zero.

Techniques used.

The techniques used in the integrated pest control method works around six basic components that are helpful for the effective removal of pests in your farm. These components include:
• Acceptable levels; make sure that the level or the number of pests in your farm meets the minimum required number of pests in a farm that are regarded to be harmless. The emphasis of this method is control and not eradication of pests in the farm.
• Preventive cultural practices; this method requires the farmer to use pest control methods that do not harm both the human beings and the environment.
• Monitoring; visit the farm regularly and look for the presence of pests in the farm. Once presence of pests is noted use the appropriate control method and also keep the records. This helps in future study of pests that are dormant in your farm.
• Mechanical control; this is the physical control of the pest in a farm without use of pesticides or any other natural chemical used to control pest. These methods can be burning, hand picking or even uprooting and destroying the affected crops.
• Biological control; this involves the use of pesticides to control the pests in the farm. The pesticides used in this method should be harmless to both human and the environment.
• Responsible use; use the pesticides when required and at the specific time of the pest cycle. This ensures that the application of the pesticides reaches to the required targets.

When these six components are followed keenly controlling of the pests in the farm will be a very easy task.

Pests control can be very tiring when the farmer does not know the pest in the farm and the best method to use in controlling them but employing the integrated pest control method makes pest control an easy task.

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What is integrated pest control method?

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