How to keep wild animals out of my garden?

A Rewarding Hobby Growing and planting a veggie garden is a tasty and rewarding hobby. However, growing a vegetable garden can stop being a tasty and rewarding hobby when wild animals invade your vegetable garden.

Keeping wild animals out of your vegetable garden is a serious challenge because wild animals are persistent creatures. Although wild animals are persistent creatures, you can still outsmart them in various ways. In this article, we will teach you how to keep wild animals out of your garden and outsmart them.

Blocking Access to Your Garden
The best piece of advice we can give you to keep wild animals out of your garden is to build a fence around it. The best thing about building a fence around your garden is that you can choose from a variety of fence types you can place around your garden.

Fences work great for protecting your garden against wild animals, but they tend to be extremely expensive. These fences also require some effort to be installed. Keep in mind some of these facts about garden fences if you want to install them in your garden:
• Many garden fences require people to install fence posts before they wrap the fence itself around fence posts.
• Most garden fences are built to surround the whole garden.
• The exact style and material of your garden fence is up to you. You can use metal, wood or plastic materials such as polypropylene to create your garden fence.
• Some garden fences are electric and they will shock any intruding wild animal that comes close to it.

• It is a good idea to bury about 1' of your garden fence underground to block access to wild burrowing animals.

Repulsive Plants

If you know the type of the wild animal that is regularly invading your vegetable or flower garden, you should try growing some plants that wild animals will find repulsive. Adding such plants that common garden invaders find repelling can help keep them out and protect your veggies. Have a look at these plants that keep wild animals away from your garden:
• Azalea, lamb's ear, and peony are disliked by rabbits.
• Bleeding hearts, daffodils, hyssop, and mullein are plants repel deer.
• You can also try mixing some of the mentioned plants in with your vegetable garden to make the whole thing look unappealing.

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How to keep wild animals out of my garden?

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