How to keep wild animals out from under a shed or porch

You Think You Have an Animal Under Your Deck? Do you think that under your deck there could be several wild animals hiding? You think that wild animals have found a shelter under your deck? Well, if you think so, you should know that you aren’t the only one. The place under sheds, porches, and decks is a common place where wild animals seek shelter or a nesting place. However, there are ways how you can prevent wild animals from getting under your shed, porch, and deck. You only have to read this article completely to know how to keep wild animals under a shed or porch.

The Prep Work
Before you commence with any work that includes closing off wild animal entry points, you should make sure that there are no wild animals under your deck because you may lock the animals in! To make sure that there are no wild animal tracks of gnawing, digging, and burrowing. If there are such signs, then there are wild animals still living under your porch?

If there are wild animals under your deck with a nest, you should be careful and not attempt to harm the wild animals and their young. You should never capture wild animals with a nest under your deck by yourself. Although animals such as skunks, opossums, and raccoons aren’t aggressive by nature, they may attack you if you touch their young. So if you spot a litter of wild animal young under your porch, deck, shed, you should call a professional wildlife remover to handle the problem.

Encourage Wild Animals to Vacate
There are several ways how you can naturally get rid of wild animals under your porch. Now, as far as you know, wild animals love area under deck because it is dark and quiet. You can take this fact to your advantage and perform something that will make animals leave your deck.

You can counteract this fact and install floodlights that will shine under your deck, porch or shed, and place a radio that will play talk shows 24/7. This all will most likely make a wild animal leave the area under your deck because the animal will dislike bright lights and loud sounds.

Seal Entry Points
Once you get rid of wild animals under your deck, you should seal all entry points that lead to under your deck. We recommend you to seal entry points to under your shed or deck with a wire mesh.

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How to keep wild animals out from under a shed or porch

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