How to get wild animals out of the chimney?

Is it Santa Claus? It is springtime. You are sitting in your home and you suddenly hear noises coming from your chimney. You know that it is impossible that could be Santa Claus coming down your chimney because it’s not Christmas yet. But, who is then making noises in your chimney?

The most reasonable answer to that question is that a wild animal in your chimney is making noises. Wild animals frequently get inside flues because they find chimneys as comfortable places where they can live. However, some wild animals get into chimney by accident and get stuck there. In this article, we will talk about what wild animals commonly get inside chimney and how to get them out of your chimney.

Birds in Chimney
Birds are common chimney visitors. They invade people’s chimneys in the early spring because they find it as a suitable nesting place. Once a bird invades your chimney, it can cause some serious damage.

Birds which make several nests in your chimney will restrict the flow of gases from the flue and thereby create a fire hazard. If a bird ever gets inside your chimney, you should never smoke the chimney to get the birds out. In fact, you aren’t allowed to remove birds and their nest in your chimney because that is prohibited by law. You will need to wait until the brood leaves to have your chimney clean of bird invaders. Once the birds leave your chimney, you should secure your chimney with a chimney cap.

Squirrels in Chimney
Squirrels are also pretty common chimney invaders. The main reason why a squirrel invades a chimney is because the wild animal wants to give birth there and raise its young. It is important to mention that squirrels will pack their nests tightly in a chimney so their nests are hard to remove from a chimney.

Once a squirrel invades your chimney, the flue of the chimney won’t be able to vent and a fire hazard will be created. If a squirrel ever invades your chimney, we recommend you to call wildlife removers to handle the problem.

Raccoons in Chimney
Raccoons are also common chimney invaders. You should never mess with a raccoon invader in your chimney. These animals are extremely aggressive and they carry rabies.

If a raccoon gets stuck in your chimney, you should handle the animal’s removal to a wildlife remover. Once your chimney is free of raccoons, you should install a heavy-duty stainless steel chimney cover.

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How to get wild animals out of the chimney?

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