How to keep wild animals out of my garbage cans

Trash is Trash Although trash is just trash to us, to wild animals such trash is an abundant source of food. Wild animals think of ur garbage as five-star restaurants. Wild animals, especially rodents and raccoons are fond of making a snack of whatever you have thrown in your garbage can or dumpster. And know what else? Wild animals such as raccoons and rodents will never stop to get their treats out of your dumpster if you don’t stop them. Now, you are probably asking yourself what you can do to stop those annoying wild animals from strewing your food remains all over your yard. To find that precious piece of information out, keep on reading this useful article.

Put Focus on the Garbage Can
The first thing you should do to keep wild animals far away from your dumpster or trash can is to focus on the trash can or the dumpster itself. You must make sure that your trash can isn’t penetrable to hungry wild animals.

If it is impossible for you to make your garbage can or dumpster impenetrable nuisance wild animals, you should then opt for purchasing a trash can made from metal which features a lid that locks in place immediately. If you don’t know what type of metal trash cans we are talking about, you should ask a salesperson at your local hardware store to find you a trash can made from metal that is rodent-proof.

Secure Your Garbage Can
If you are flat broke and don’t have money to buy yourself a rodent-proof metal trash can at the moment, don’t panic because we have another solution to your problem.

To secure your garbage can and make it impenetrable to wild animals, you will need a cinder or a rock. You will only need a piece of cinder or a rock and you will need to place either one on the very top of your trash can. This will instantly make your garbage can impenetrable to wild animals.

Ammonia Can Help
If you are too indolent to visit your local hardware store to purchase a wild animal-proof trash can or dumpster and you are also lazy to place a rock on the top of your trash can, then we recommend you to spray the interior of your dumpster or trash can with ammonia. The smell of ammonia will keep those wild animals away.

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How to keep wild animals out of my garbage cans

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