How to keep away iguanas?

Pesky Reptiles Some people keep iguanas as pets but most people find iguanas as varmint and pesky reptiles. People who live in cooler places usually don’t care about iguana control because iguanas are rarely found in cooler areas. However, people who live in warmer areas are about iguana control because iguanas can be seen roaming freely in warm areas where they make a lot of damage to properties.

So if you live in a warm area, we know that how to keep away iguanas is a big question for you, and that is why have created this article in which we will explain to you how to keep those pesky iguanas away from your property. Let’s learn together some of the ways how to get rid of iguanas once and for all, but before that, we should learn a little bit of what type of damage iguanas can cause.

Iguana Damage
Iguanas are lizards that love to eat plants. Because of that fact, they can be seen eating many types of plants. Iguanas particularly love to eat flowering shrubs, such as hibiscus. They also love to eat berries and veggies, such as strawberries, figs, and tomatoes.

Iguanas also make damage to properties because they dig burrows in which they can live in. These burrows can damage your property’s lawn and walkways. Iguanas also make damage to properties they invade because they leave a lot of droppings. Iguana’s droppings aren’t only foul-smelling, but they are also a health hazard because they contain salmonella.

How to Keep Iguanas Away from Your Garden
Most iguanas that will come into your garden are actually domesticated iguanas that either escaped their owner or were release by their indolent owner who no longer wanted them. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you can simply pick up the iguana and get rid of it. Many former iguana pets have gone feral once again and they can do some dangerous things if they start to feel threatened. The best way to get rid of iguanas is to keep them away from your garden. This type of iguana control means that you should change your garden’s environment and make it unfriendly for iguanas.

Keeping Iguanas Away Ideas
Some ideas of keeping iguanas away include:

• Getting rid of food scraps in your garden
• Getting rid of bushy and low growth plants
• Covering flat warm surfaces, such as rock and sidewalks, where iguanas can sunbathe
• Filling in burrows

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How to keep away iguanas?

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