How To Kill A Pigeon

If you have pigeons on your property, then it is common to want to get rid of them in whatever way you can. For many people, killing seems to be the simplest option, but in reality, it will only temporarily solve your problem. If you kill the pigeons on your property but don't take preventative measures, new ones will simply take their place. That being said, many people still want to know how to kill these birds that can live in your attic, leave droppings everywhere, and cause disease.

Lethal Traps
There are lethal traps available that are designed to kill pigeons. These come in various forms and you simply set them up in an area the pigeons inhabit and wait for them to do their job. The thing to remember about lethal traps, however, is that they will only kill the pigeons that are caught. Since these birds breed very quickly, you will constantly need to set the traps out.

If trapping a pigeon isn't very effective, you may wonder about poisoning. After all, poison can target a large group of pigeons at once. Keep in mind, however, that the birds will fly around a bit before dying, meaning that a poisoned pigeon may randomly fall out of the sky or appear in your town. If the poisoned pigeons all head to different locations, you may be responsible for pigeon carcasses all over town. Also, consider that another animal, such as your beloved dog, may eat a poisoned pigeon. Depending on where you live, it may even be illegal to poison pigeons so make sure to do your research before considering this poor method.

Shooting is actually one of the more common methods of killing pigeons. This is particularly true in rural areas where there is a minimized risk of shooting a person or other animal. Keep in mind that shooting a pigeon should only be done by an experienced marksman who will be able to kill the bird in a single shot. If you fail to kill the pigeon right away, it becomes a bigger hazard as you will have an injured bird flying around erratically, possibly spreading disease. Failing to kill the bird in a single shot is also inhumane as you will extend its suffering.

Rice Or Alka Seltzer
You may have heard that you can kill a pigeon by giving it dry rice. The idea is that the pigeon will eat the rice and when it drinks water or the rice comes in contact with liquid in their digestive system, it will expand, causing the bird to burst. In reality, this is just a myth as the pigeon will simply regurgitate if it eats too much or the rice starts to expand. Alka seltzer is another commonly suggested killing method with the same poor results. All it will do is give the pigeon gas which they can then burp out.

Removing Dead Pigeons
If you do manage to kill a pigeon using one of the above methods, you aren't done. You will still need to get rid of the pigeon carcass and the smell. If the pigeon isn't killed immediately, such as in the case of poison, and it hides somewhere on your property, you will have to find it before getting rid of the carcass and accompanying stench. You will have to wear gloves and a breathing mask while at least double bagging the pigeon, then thoroughly clean the area where it was. Be sure to check with your garbage removal service to make sure you can even throw the bird out with your garbage.

Live Trapping As An Alternative
So if killing a pigeon is highly impractical, it is normal to wonder what you can do to get rid of them. Live trapping is a great alternative and any wildlife removal expert can help you with this task. They will set up a cage in a key location and catch pigeons. After they are caught, they will work with you to make your home unappealing to future birds and then release the pigeons at a distance.

Prevention As An Alternative
The absolute best alternative to killing pigeons is making sure they never come on your property in the first place. This involves preventative techniques that you can do yourself or have a professional take care of for you. You can find a sticky surface repellent that you place on areas that the pigeons congregate. They will be uncomfortable when they land on the surface, making them want to leave right away. Eventually, they will move on to another area. Another option is pigeon spikes which are spikes you place in key areas that prevent the birds from landing there. They don't cause any harm; they just stop the birds from landing. If at any point, you don't know how to deal with your pigeon problem, simply call a professional to take care of them for you. They will help you work out an alternative to killing the birds.

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