How To Kill A Snake

Snakes concern many people. These legless creatures that slither around elicit a variety of reactions whenever one is spotted. Some people are afraid of them, some simply hate them, others think they are beneficial and should be left alone. For the sake of this article, this latter premise will be accepted.

Lethal Weapons
When a snake is spotted, those whose reaction is to kill it generally grab for whatever is handy. If the snake is found in the garden or yard, a hoe is often the weapon of choice. Its blade can nicely decapitate the snake in short order. A rake doesn't do much good, as it doesn't have a cutting edge, just tines to poke holes. No matter how much you hate snakes, it's still not nice to just stab one with a rake, poking holes all over in it but not killing it immediately. If you're going to kill it, kill it instantly; otherwise, you are being inhumane.

If you are out in the woods, fields, or desert, and happen across a snake that you feel deserves the death penalty, your weapon of choice may be limited to what you are carrying. If you're hunting, you may have some type of a gun and wish to shoot the snake. A machete, axe, or a large rock nearby could also be used.

If you are bothered by snakes around your home, you may wonder about poison. The thing is, snakes eat live food, so trying to poison them won't work. They simply won't be attracted to the poison, wasting your money.

There are traps that a person can get to capture snakes. There are lethal traps and there are live traps to choose from. The problem with a lethal trap is they work on the premise that as the snake enters the trap, it should spring shut on the snake's head, killing it. However, the reality is that it doesn't always happen that way. Often the trap springs shut on the snake's body, leaving it to thrash around. It is now angry and frightened and will be much more dangerous to get close enough to it to kill it.

There are alternatives to ridding your home and property of snakes other than shooting, decapitating, or lethal trapping. In truth, many snakes that live in the United Snakes are not only harmless but also beneficial. They eat rodents that do carry disease and cause other problems around a home or farm. Many snake bites occur when a person is trying to kill the snake. Snakes can move extremely fast, so while you are striking at it with a hoe or other weapon, it can strike out at you even faster. Not only causing you to miss your mark, but you risk getting bitten.

Non-Lethal Traps
There are a couple of non-lethal traps that are available to purchase. One is a box-like trap that uses a rodent scent to lure the snake inside, then is closed and sealed for transportation to a suitable location. The drawback to this type of trap is that you will be putting your hand very close to the snake to close the box. If it is a poisonous snake, this can be very dangerous.

There is also a type of non-lethal trap known as the glue trap. This type of trap has a coating of glue in it that holds the snake in place until you can transport it to another more suitable location. The problem with this type of trap is that once you have set it, it may be easy to forget. Then, either the snake starves to death, or the glue begins to break down and loosen, allowing the snake to escape. Snakes are smart enough to recognize the trap and never go near one again.

Snakes In The House
However unpleasant this thought may be, it can happen and you should know how to deal with a snake in the house should you ever encounter one. Generally, snakes will not bother humans because we are larger than they are. They will not attack unless provoked. It is risky to try to chase one out of the house with a broom, as then the snake will feel threatened and be on the defense. Open the outside door that is closest to the snake so that it will have an escape route. If you know for certain that the snake is not poisonous, you could try very gently to guide the snake out the door with a broom or other long-handled tool. Just don't try to push it or agitate it in any way.

If you really don't want to deal with the snake using any method, you can always call a professional to come and remove the snake. These people are trained to capture a snake safely and get rid of it for you.

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