Is it legal for me to trap a rodent?

Trapping a rodent comes with a very difficult challenge. Everything goes down to ethical issues or whether is it legal in the first place. This is because after you do the trap, you will be facing another difficult task.

• Are you going to set it free?
• Are you going to kill it?
• Are you going to keep it? (And for how long)

There are longer roads to take
According to animal welfare, if the trapped rodent is going to be killed, there should be at least one humane and effective procedure waiting in line. Some traps could hurt or kill a rodent right away, while other traps tend to prolong the process. The basic objective of their principle is to minimize the suffering of the animal. In other worlds, the longer you wait to keep a rodent under these trapping devices, the more inhumane the method would become.

So where do you stand?
Different states have different rules. When it comes to trapping procedures, others may require several permits before trapping. Questions if there were any relocation sites available would also keep on popping every now and then. Sadly, not all states would allow anyone to relocate an animal after performing the trap. In the case of badly injured animals like squirrels, some law entails the person to take the squirrel to the vet for euthanizing procedure.

• People who are not used in doing these on their own would only increase the suffering of the captured animal.
• Pest control experts certainly know the next steps after a rodent (e.g. squirrel) gets caught.

On simple household problem
Mice on the other hand are easier to handle if you have the right trapping device. However, not all traps sold in the stores are considered to be legal. Some trapping products are only for pest control companies because of the possible hassles and danger it could bring to people and also to the surrounding (e.g. commercial buildings, restaurants, food business, etc.).

When finding a better option
If you’re a homeowner and don’t want to do anything with a rodent, the most ideal solution would be to call up a rodent removal expert and let him handle everything.

• There are more humane ways to get rid of household pests
• They have special devices that work on different type of specie(e.g. rats, mice, squirrels, gophers etc.)
• Pest control services are licensed to do whatever it takes to keep your home free from all sorts of pests

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Is it legal for me to trap a rodent?

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