How much does mice removal cost?

If you find yourself in the midst of a mouse invasion, you want to get rid of these rodents as quickly as you can. To determine how much this undertaking will cost you, you must first decide: Are you hiring service, or do you intend to DIY? How serious is your problem? Are you going to kill the mice or use live traps? Here are some facts to help you decide.

DIY mouse removal
A rule of thumb for determining the reach of your infestation goes like this: If you SEE one mouse, you probably have one-hundred. That sounds scary, but it is a horrible fact. If you are having mouse sightings, and decide you want them dead, there are several options available to you. If you decide to poison them, what type of poison will you use? Poisons run several dollars to 50.00 depending on the level you choose. Where will you put the poison to keep other animals from accidentally ingesting it? In addition, what do you do about the bodies? If you use lethal traps, you will have also had a wide selection to choose from, ranging in price from 2.00 to 50.00. But if you use lethal traps, you must be willing to clean up gore. And as with poisons, make sure that other animals cannot accidentally be trapped.

If you go with live traps, you can use a cage style which catches one at a time,( around 20.00) an exclusion funnel that lets them leave but not return ( DIY for 15.00, readymade for 25.00), or exclusion funnel with a cage (30.00) that can trap multiple mice at once. Both the cage and cage- on-a-funnel require that you have somewhere to release the mice at least one mile away. With the exclusion funnel with no cage, the idea is that when the mice leave, they find they cannot get back in, so they go elsewhere. When live- trapping or excluding animals, check the trap often to assure no animal is suffering, and check the nesting are to be sure you are leaving no young behind to die.

If you decide to contact an animal removal service, you can usually expect to pay 100- 300.00 U.S. according to the severity of your infestation. Once the mice have been wiped out, you can enlist their aid with proper cleanup. They will also help you set up a plan to prevent reinfestation, and home maintenance.

The most important thing to know is that mouse infestation is serious. Mice are filthy, and can carry a several serious forms of disease. They are destructive, and breed at an alarming rate. Whatever course of action you decide on, do not delay. As soon as you know, you have mice take steps to be rid of them and properly clean up the aftermath as quickly as possible.

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How much does mice removal cost?

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