Do mothballs or ammonia help repel rodents?

Rats still plague many people’s home. Maybe of who were not able to segregate their garbage from time to time? As two of the most popular repellents have always been available, people keep resorting to use them instead of fixing the real cause. Let’s find out more.

Easy to reach
Busy people find it more convenient to reach over for something on a day-to-day basis in the hopes of trying to control the outbreak. But for how long? Mothballs and ammonia have already been tested to repel rodents but none of these give lasting results. Rodents might find the smell irritating at first but not enough to make them leave your houses and completely run away.

Why none is going to work
Just think about the mouse for example. They don’t care if the place is a mess or whether it smells horribly just as long as they feel warm and finds something there to eat.

• A mouse is going to put itself to more danger as soon as it leaves your household (e.g. running away from predators and adjusting to a different climate)
• The smell of Ammonia and Mothballs won’t kill the mouse or any rodent for that matter
• Once they find a cozy nesting place inside your home (e.g. the attic), it would be harder to repel them because mice don’t want to leave their nests

The bad side effects
The sad thing is that most people don’t know the harmful side effects of naphthalene (mothballs) to their own health.

• Causes migraine
• Harmful to the environment
• Cancerous

On the other hand, the spirit of ammonia tends to evaporate quickly. It also leaves permanent discoloration on wooden finishes and painted surfaces, which isn’t worth all the sacrifice.

• Ammonia is often applied on rugs, table cloth, mat or any absorbent material to keep rodents away
• Not all rodents are turned off by the strong odor of ammonia
• Long term use can affect nasal passages and cause other respiratory problems to humans

What we can do
Getting rid of the problem is easier said than done. We can all start by identifying what type of rodent had actually got into our households and from there, we can start making more efforts on the following;

• Keeping the area clean
• Sealing off the holes
• Closing all the screens, entryways, sliding doors etc.
• Proper trash segregation
• Regular inspection of the surrounding (if there are more critters in and outside)
• Or, seek professional assistance if things gets beyond our control

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Do mothballs or ammonia help repel rodents?

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