Odor detection services

Removing a bad odor is never easy. You must identify the source of the smell, remove it and then start getting the bad smell out of everything that it managed to permeate. There are many odor removal products in the market with general good results; sprays, bags, sponges, oils, wipes, candles, plug-ins, electric deodorizers amongst them, but sometimes they’re just not enough and it’s time to call in the professionals.

The companies dedicated to sanitizing and deodorizing work with experiences technicians, special equipment and solid experience in their field. There are many reasons why someone may need to deodorize their home, biohazard being one of the main ones. A dead animal is a definite biohazard, and as such cannot be treated lightly or ignored until it goes away, it is necessary to find the source of the smell, remove it and sanitize the area.

But finding the dead animal is not always easy. What’s worse, it’s not always plainly obvious that the foul smell comes from a dead animal, it may be just a rank odor coming from something, somewhere. That’s where the odor detection services of companies dedicated to sanitizing your home, come in handy.

They will come and find the source of the smell for you, tell you exactly what it is, where it is and most of them will retrieve it. If not, they will most likely recommend a good wildlife removal service that can do it for you. They will then proceed to completely clean the area, making sure that all urine, feces, nests, dead animals, contaminated food, maggots, flies, fungus, mold or anything else that may have accumulated around the source of the smell.

These companies do work with special chemicals and equipment to ensure a thorough cleansing, this means that they have to be handled with care. Keep small children and pets away during the sanitation process and follow all the precaution instructions that they give you, such as washing the dishes before use, rewashing bedclothes, clothes and sealing or removing food or consumable items. A dead animal carcass or its feces can carry lethal bacteria which can cause Salmonella, Leptospirosis or Rat-Bite Fever.

While it is true that having a whole team of technicians sanitizing and deodorizing your house may represent some disturbance in your family lifestyle, living with a potentially infectious animal carcass or a putrid smell is even worse. Trying to clean the area yourself is possible, but if the odor has permeated through the whole house, you cannot find the dead animal, are unable to reach it to dispose of it, or if you’re unsure where the rodent has been while it was alive, a professional cleaning is strongly recommended.

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Odor detection services

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