Will a pest control company remove a wild animal?

Absolutely Not Pest control companies, also known as exterminators are usually licensed by your state’s Department of Agriculture in the control of various insects through the use of dangerous pesticides. This practice is totally unrelated to the resolution of wildlife conflicts and problems. However, thousands of people still can’t tell the difference between the two and they still call pest control companies to help them remove wild animals. Such people think that when these companies can get rid of cockroaches in someone’s home they can also get rid of raccoons and opossums in their attic.

However, there are several pest control companies that don’t want to turn down their business down, so they sometimes accept wildlife control. The results of pest control companies accepting wildlife control problems are often terrible. We say this because pest control companies don’t have knowledge in getting rid of wild animals and they usually turn to techniques of removal they already know - the application of poisons.

Use of Poison on Animals
The use of poison for getting rid of wild animals is the very definition of indolent, inhumane, and ignorant. Poison is always ineffective in getting rid of wild animals. We encourage people to get rid of wild animals using humane methods, which don’t include poisoning the wild animal. We only recommend poisoning in extreme cases of wild animal invasion.

Using poison to get rid of wild animals is a horrible choice for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s illegal to use poison to get rid of wild animals. Second, it’s no guarantee that the wild animal will approach to the poison. It’s more likely that your neighbor’s cat will get in touch with the poison and die. Third of all, most wild animals won’t actually die from the poison, but they will suffer a lot and be in a lot of pain. Fourth, if the poison actually starts to work, the wild animal will die in dark space on your property and leave an awful smell.

Who Should You Hire Then?
Before you hire anyone to get rid of the wild animals on your property, try to get rid of the wild animals by yourself. Often, the solution to your wildlife problem is a simple trapping technique. If that fails, you should hire a certified and experienced wildlife specialist. A genuine wildlife specialist never uses poison in wild animal control.

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Will a pest control company remove a wild animal?

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