How to get rid of pests in the attic

The term pest can describe any number of things that would invade your attic space and cause you problems. This could include rodents, bugs, birds, opossums, and many more things. If You have discovered any type of pest nesting in your attic, You need them out. Any Pest can cause costly damage with their pooping, peeing, chewing, scratching, and nesting. Feral Pests can carry diseases, and some mammals have body pests as well. Most pests travel in groups, make lots of noise, and move to your attic to turn it into a nursery. The method for getting rid of any type of pest is basically the same. Here is a generic guide for you to follow.

Find their way in.

This is a major step. You must find every entrance and seal them all off to make sure annoying pests cannot return! Bugs can fit through a microscopic space, bats a slit ¼-inch and rodents can fit in a space no bigger than 4 inches so some entryways will be hard to find. Inspect your exterior thoroughly. Check all of your roof structure paying close attention to window eaves, screens, and eaves. Also, Examine the ridge row, vents, and around any chimneys stacks and joints where walls come together. Learn about the pest that is infesting your home. Knowing your adversary will help you to find its entryways, nests, and learn to get rid of it. Check your attic thoroughly for feces, trash, nests, and other debris. Be careful because some nesting pests, even insects can be aggressive

Weigh your options

You know where they are nesting. You have found their way in. You have checked for nests, and have a good idea of the size of infestation. Now to decide- Are you going to simply drive them out? Are you going to exterminate them? If it is a creature like birds, bats, or opossums, Should you wait for any babies to leave? Are you going to destroy baby’s sand any eggs?

Put your plan in action

Ways to kill different pests :
Block the entrances to the attic. For insects, poison is the best choice. For other creatures, poison presents a number of problems. Residual poison could be left in your home, or another animal could find poisoned bodies. This could endanger both your family and pets.
Kill Traps for mammals are inherently messy and cause the animal to suffer needlessly, but there are a number of great insect traps that will work.
If you just want them to drive them off an Exclusion funnel is an excellent choice for eliminating animals from your home. It will not work for bugs or insects. You install The funnel’s large end over an entrance the animals use regularly (seal all the others off). They can easily exit that end, but cannot re-enter the smaller end. The critters will be forced to find another home
After you feel all your pests are gone, remove the funnel, and seal up the final hole. No matter what your pest, or what method you use, please clean your attic space thoroughly after they are gone!

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How to get rid of pests in the attic

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