Pigeon Prevention Tips: How To Keep Pigeons Away

It is a common misconception that pigeons carry disease, but most people still don't want these animals on their property. They won't necessarily cause damage, but they can go through crumbs, eat pet food, and leave waste behind. Luckily, you shouldn't have to take any extreme measures to keep pigeons off your property. A few simple tricks such as fencing and home repairs will typically do the job.

A normal fence will not be enough to keep pigeons out of your property since these birds can fly. You can, however, use strategic fences, mesh, or netting to keep the animals out of a particular area. If you have a chimney that isn't closed, for example, consider placing mesh on top. Mesh is also a great way to block flat decorative features near the roof or attic.

Home Repairs
The biggest reason pigeons tend to stay on someone's property is because they find a great nesting spot. In most cases, you only have to do a few simple home repairs to prevent nesting and roosting from happening. Pigeons are likely to consider entering your attic if it is accessible since it provides a flat surface with shelter that mimics the cliffs they live on in the wild. Make sure that there are no potential entry points to your attic to prevent this from happening.

Limit Flat Surfaces
When looking for a nesting location, pigeons prefer areas that are flat. This means that you can design your roof or add some sort of item that makes a formerly flat surface slanted. There are multiple devices that will make flat areas of your home undesirable. Try adding metal or wood sheathing on window ledges at an angle of between 45 and 60 degrees so pigeons can't land. There are also bird wires that you can put on railings, rooftops, ledges, and awnings to keep them away. In severe cases, you can also invest in some strips that provide the problem birds with a mild shock but are still humane.

Bird spikes are another option and these look dangerous but are safe. You simply set up the spikes on a flat surface you don't want pigeons to land on. They won't hurt the animals; instead, the birds will head towards the area, notice the spikes, and move on.

Stop Providing Food
If you have pigeons on your property and you want to get rid of them or you simply want to keep them away, the first step is to stop feeding them. Some people will actively give pigeons bird food or bread crumbs, but you should stop this right away. Feeding the pigeons will teach them that humans are a great source of food, making it harder to discourage them. Instead of suddenly stopping, try gradually decreasing the amount of food you give the animals.

In many cases, people don't even realize that they have been feeding the pigeons. If you leave leftovers out, keep your outdoor garbage can uncovered, or keep your pet food outside, you are probably feeding these birds. Pigeons are particularly attracted to convenient food when there are roosting spots nearby, such as tall buildings.

Simply take the time to make that if you eat outside, you clean up all the crumbs afterward. Instead of leaving pet food outside, only add to your dog or cat's bowl during feeding You should also try to limit the amount of bird food you have out. In some cases, pigeons may even be discouraged if you change the type of food you put in your birdfeeders or when you give it.

Use Pigeon Birth Control
Although you may not believe it, pigeon birth control actually exists and you can use it yourself or with the help of a professional. While it won't stop the current pigeons from staying on your property, it will limit the future populations. The birth control is a specific type of food that will make future eggs fail to develop. It is humane and can limit flock sizes, although it will take time to see results and requires an initial investment.

Some people have found success deterring pigeons by setting up a predator decoy in their yard. While this method may or may not work in all situations, decoys are typically very cheap and can also add a decorative element to your property, making them worth a try. There are decoys that simply sit as well as those that have movement or come with sound.

Natural Remedies
You will find suggestions for a wide range of natural remedies designed to keep pigeons away. In reality, however, they are not very effective. You may notice brief results with these natural remedies, but they are unlikely to last. Instead, you will need to try one of the other prevention methods mentioned above.

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