Which Plants Will Keep Snakes Away?

While everyone “knows” that snakes are beneficial for their ability to keep rodents away, many people just do not like snakes or want them around. What can be done? The first steps you can take are to remove the types of places that snakes like to hide, namely bushy, leafy areas, tall grass, and junk piles. Mowing the grass, trimming back bushy plants and hedges, and removing piles of leftover materials will go a long way in keeping snakes away. But what if you want more reassurance?

You could always get guinea fowl, chickens, or pigs, but the thought of livestock roaming around is probably not a solution you want to use (or would be allowed to have, in many instances). But there are a number of other natural methods that can be employed to keep snakes away.

A number of plants are useful because their properties repel snakes. Marigolds, for instance, have a very pungent odor that snakes do not care for. Lemon grass has a strong citrusy smell to it, and it also repels mosquitos—a real bonus! Wormwood is another plant that will keep snakes and many insects away. Pink agapanthus is a relative of the onion, and snakes will stay away from it. Sarpagandha, also known as Indian Snake Root and the Insanity Herb, is also well-known as a snake repellant. A final type of plant, Mother-in-Law’s-Tongue, has very sharp leaves and snakes will steer clear of the edges of the plant.

A garlic mixture, sprinkled around places you want to keep snakes out of, such as yard perimeters, doorways, play areas, and gardens, will also help. It does need to be reapplied every time it rains, and about every two-to-three weeks. It goes like this:

• 10 Cloves of Garlic
• Vegetable Oil
• Water
• Small Glass Jar

Place the garlic cloves and ¼ C. water into a blender and blend till it is a smooth paste. Add ½ C. oil to the mixture and blend it for about another minute. Pour the mixture into a jar with a lid, and let it set for about three hours before using. When it has melded well, use a small spoon to sprinkle bits of the mixture in the abovementioned places. Good luck snake repelling!

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Which Plants Will Keep Snakes Away?

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