What are the common problems that skunks cause?

When most people think of problems that might be caused by skunks, the first thing that jumps to their mind might be their potent scent. However, this is only one of a list of problems that can be caused by skunks- sometimes costly, most times just annoying.

There are multiple ways that your home can be affected by skunks, past just the worry of their spray. Generally, skunks are burrowing animals, often making their homes in logs or dens they have dug underground. Sometimes, though, this means that skunks can make their way under the foundation of homes, causing instability. Often, these problems can be fixed with the help of a reputable construction company, but not without costly repairs being made.

In addition to the worry about holes under your foundation, or porch, skunks can also cause multiple other problems outside of your home that will affect you as well. These furry rodents may damage beehives that are hanging around your home, in an attempt to try feeding on them, putting both you and your family at risk of painful stings when the swarms erupt.

Skunks may also cause issues that will be difficult to fix within your lawn and garden, home of two of the skunks’ favorite snacks. Most skunks’ diets are made up of plant life, along with beetles, grubs, and larvae, all things that take up residence in your garden. These holes may appear small, but over time can build up, causing multiple issues with your lawn, including but not limited to permanent damage to your grass.

If you are living on a farm, skunks will also cause a problem with your poultry. Oftentimes, skunks will kill poultry and eat eggs. While they do not climb fences to get to poultry, this may be a smaller problem than with other small rodents, such as rats, but is still a potential one.

One of the largest problems, of course, is the threat of rabies, often carried by skunks, especially in the Midwest. Rabid skunks are one of the main sources of rabies outbreaks, which can spread quickly throughout the population. If you worry that you are in the range of a rabid skunk, report it to local animal control authorities.

There are many problems that skunks can cause, sometimes dangerous, often just a nuisance. Luckily, most of these problems are easy to spot before they grow, and can often be fixed with little to no extensive work.

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What are the common problems that skunks cause?

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