What to Do If You Are Bitten By a Raccoon

Do you love watching raccoons move around your home? Are you happen when you watch raccoons showcase their dexterous lifestyle in stealing your pet food? If yes, you should know that while raccoons are wonderful and exciting to watch do things their bite can be dangerous if not treated immediately. More so, you should know that raccoon is among the wild animals susceptible of contracting and transmitting rabies to human through bite. Rabies is a deadly virus disease that can be 100% fatal if not treated as quickly as possible. So, you will learn what to do when if you are bitten a raccoon through this article.

Wash the Wound with Soap and Running Water
The first thing you need to when you are bitten by wild animal like raccoon or any other wild animal is to administer first aid treatment. This can include washing the wound with soap and running water. The idea here is to avoid any other secondary infection that can take place at the site of the wound. Make sure you do not waste time before taking care of the wound through raccoon bite.

Pour Alcohol on the Area Bitten By Raccoon
Still on first aid you can go ahead and pour alcohol on the surface of the injury to prevent growth of bacteria and other possible organisms that can result to serious infection. This method will be proper if you are bitten at old hour when you will not be able to have your doctor’s attention immediately. But, if it is during the day when you can easily reach your doctor or any other physician you need to seek medical attention immediately.

Rush To the Hospital and Have Your Wound Examine For Rabies
Among other possible diseases associated with raccoon which made the bite dangerous and deadly is rabies. Raccoons are not usually aggressive to the extent of administering bite on human but if they do that without a cause, you should know that something is wrong maybe the raccoon is sick of rabies. Just visit your doctor for raccoon vaccine which will help to protect you from the disease which has been known to be 100% fatal when not treated.

Some Symptoms of Rabies You Need To Know
There are lots of signs that indicate that you have rabies through raccoon bite. Some of the symptoms include:
• Having discomfort feeling
• Fever
• Anxiety or agitation
• Hallucination and disorientation
• Fatigue
• Insomnia
• And others

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What to Do If You Are Bitten By a Raccoon

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