Do raccoons attack cats, dogs and other pets?

When it comes to the diet of the raccoons, you need to know they are omnivorous. This gives them the best advantage of hunting easily. This is unlike other animals, which are known to eat only one type of meal. Some of the common meals on the table include;

• Insects
• Roots
• Worms
• Small rats and mice

However, raccoons are very defensive animals and when they sense any type of danger, they shall use all their might in order to get good defense. However, when it comes to the larger animals, the raccoons tend to keep off.

How they relate with cats
Cats and raccoons have over the years known to live with each other however, they fear each other. According the research, a group of raccoons will scare the cats, and the same happens when the cats are many. They have learnt to live without crossing the path of each other and this has led to them living well with each other

Eating young puppies and kittens
Raccoons are known to hunt and when they find young rats, kittens and puppies, they shall hunt them instantly. This is because this is very fast catching to them and they are a sumptuous meal. However, they shall not do this in the presence of larger cats and dogs. Raccoons love to get food easily. This means finding them in the garbage, eating from the pond and the pet food.

How they relate with dogs
The raccoons are not in good relations with the dogs. This is because the dogs are known to hunt and kill them. This means you shall find the raccoons keeping a safer distance when they encounter the dogs. At times, they keep ht peace but this is not the case when the dogs are hungry. In many cases, the raccoons do not go near the places where there are dogs.

Connection with other raccoons

It is noted that the raccoons are known to live well with their counterparts. This means they get to live well and in harmony. They have used this greatly when it comes to hunting. You shall find that the raccoons thrive to hunt and to dig holes in unity. This has made it very easy for them to obtaining good results. During summer, they are known to hunt in larger numbers since this is their time to stock their bodies in preparation for their summer. This means getting to hunt in packs.

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Do raccoons attack cats, dogs and other pets?

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