Do Raccoons Burrow or Dig Holes?

Do raccoons make their own burrows? Are they capable of digging holes in my yard or garden? The answer to this is that it depends on the nature of the holes you found around your yard, or garden. Raccoons though do not always make their burrows to live in but often tear-up lawn in search of insects and other smaller animals. For that reason, when you find a hole dug at your backyard you should be suspecting skunks, moles or raccoons but the nature can let you know the particular animal that created the holes or burrows.

Why Raccoons Can Easily Dig Holes in Your Garden or Lawn
Raccoons love to feed on worms, insects and other small animals that normally live in lawns and underground the garden. For that reason, you can easily discover holes in your lawn when raccoons pay you a visit in your garden or lawn. If raccoon visit your garden you are going to find ripped up sod that has also been flipped over. That is just typical sign that you have raccoon infestation in your property.

Raccoons and Skunks Doing the Work of Digging Holes in Your Lawn

Skunk is known as a notorious digger as it normally finds most of the foods underground. For that reason, if you have skunks in your garden you will also have holes dug by the animal. Another Reason why skunks dig is that they usually make their burrows underground to make nest of babies. But, you can be confused when you fine around your garden and perceive skunk smell and find raccoons sign of digging. That is not unlikely as raccoons and skunks sometime normally feed together at the same place.

Deter Raccoon from Your Garden with Predator Urine to Avoid More Damages
You can completely discourage raccoon from coming around your garden and save your lawn from damages. There are so many ways you can do this including through the use of natural deterrent method and others. Raccoons will stay away from your garden when they continuously perceive fox urine around your garden.

Trap Raccoons to Stop It from Digging Holes in Your Garden and Lawns

You can equally solve your raccoon infestation problem through trapping method. Go ahead and trap the animal and relocate far away from your property and you will not have to deal with issues concerning raccoons digging up your garden.

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Do Raccoons Burrow or Dig Holes?

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