Can Raccoon Climb Fence?

Raccoon is one of the most stubborn wild animals that usually cause serious infestation to homeowners. The problem associated with coon ranges from making mess of rubbish in the garbage, destroying things in the attic to affecting human with different kinds of diseases through their drooping as well as bite. That is why you should not ever allow raccoon to take up space in your house for any reason. One thing about raccoons is that they are good climbers and can climb to your fence if it is close to a tree nearby. But they cannot climb wall fence with smooth surface.

Never Allow Your Fence to Be Close To Nearby Tree
One mistake you should not make when you want to keep raccoon out of your property or house with the use of fence is constructing your fence nearby tree. You should know that raccoons can easily climb trees to a top height and if the fence is nearby it can easily move from the nearby tree branch to the top of your fence through which it can gain access to your property or attic. So, one lesson you should learn when you want to keep raccoon out of your property with fence is to avoid constructing the fence near to any tree around.

Use Tall Fence to Keep Raccoon from Your Property
Are you seriously searching for the best way to keep raccoons out of your property? Do you want to use fencing method to exclude raccoons from entering your house? Then you should construct a tall fence in order to enjoy effective result. While raccoons love to climb trees they do not usually love to climb fences unless if something attract their attention up there. Also, if the fence is tall enough raccoon will not be able to get up there or to sight things to the top of the fence from the ground.

Make Use of Electrical Wire Mesh to Fence Your House or Property to Keep Coon Out

Raccoons will completely stay away from your property and house when you make use of electrical wire mesh to build your fence. The electrical wire mesh will electrocute any coon that try to climb the fence which will help to keep them completely away from your property.

Apply Other Deterrent Method to Stop Raccoons from Getting Into Your Property

Apart from fencing method you can use other methods to deter or exclude raccoons from getting into your property. You can make use of predator urine or even set trap for them.

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Can Raccoon Climb Fence?

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