Do raccoons hibernate?

Many people tend to think that raccoons hibernate but this is not the case. You find them sleeping for days but they are not going to do this for months. Their bodies can adapt to the cold weather since they have the thick fur coat. You end up finding some raccoons have increased their weight rapidly, and this is due to the fat buildup they have to ensure they last a long time and no need for hunting.

Store fat in the body
The raccoons are known to store the fats in the body. This means they shall convert the fats into energy and they shall not need to go hungry. This comes in handy when it is cold and they cannot hunt. They simply use the stored energy and they shall rejuvenate their strength.

How they survive
When it is cold, you will need to wear loads of clothes and eat all the time. The same is common for the raccoons and you shall find they eat a lot during summer, as they prepare their bodies for the cold season.

• Thick winter coat
• Brave cold weather
• Stay indoors for days

You notice that during the cold seasons, you shall not see any raccoons. This is because they have mastered the trend of staying indoors. This makes it easy to keep their bodies in good shape all the time.

Stay indoors to protect their bodies from the cold
During cold seasons, you shall hardly find any raccoon in sight. At times, you may think they are hibernating but this is not the case. You shall find that these raccoons focus on choosing areas, which have good surroundings and this brings about warmth. This is unlike going to places , which do not have the chance of making their bodies warm. Some raccoons die during this period, since their bodies do not have much fat, and they cannot withstand the temperatures, and this means freezing to death.

Can sleep for days
However, this does not mean they are hibernating. They have the chance of going outdoors to look for food. Some raccoons can stay indoors for several weeks, and this is due to the fat buildup they have reserved during the summer time. It means they can stay without food for several days, and sleep for days, and they shall not starve. This is based on their overall body formation type, making it very easy to persevere the cold seasons.

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Do raccoons hibernate?

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