Can Raccoons Jump into Houses or Over Fences?

Do you know raccoons can jump easily on roof or over a fence? Yes that’s right! If a raccoon is attracted to things on the roof it can easily find way to climb up to the roof. However, while raccoons are good climbers and can ascend great height on a tree they do not always jump from trees to houses. Also, raccoons do not always jump over fences unless on extreme cases when raccoons discover chicken coop in the place it want to get into. The best thing is to discourage raccoons from getting on top of your roof or your fence as it can easily tear up the eave to gain access to the attic.

Clean Up Your Backyard to Avoid Raccoon Picking Interesting In The First Place
If you have a dirty backyard there is chance that you will have different kinds of wild animal issues including raccoons. For that reason if you want to entirely avoid raccoon infestation you have to begin by getting rid of the debris and tall grasses in your backyard. Make sure there is no hiding place for raccoon and you will need to worry less about the problem coons can cause.

Trim Tree Branches above Your Fences to Discourage Raccoons

Are there trees growing all around your backyard with branches over your roof or fence? If yes, you have to go ahead and trim the branches down to reduce your risk of raccoon infestation. Though raccoons do not always jump fences or into the house from top of a tree they can find their way to your house when something around is attracting them.

Set Trap for Raccoons on the Roof or Fence
If you already have raccoon problem you can go ahead and plan for the best removal method. You can try trapping and relocation to see whether it will do the work for you or not. But before going ahead to try out trapping it is important for you to check your local laws on wild animal trapping and confirm whether raccoons are protect species or not.

Hire a Profession to Get Rid Of Raccoons from Your Fence and House
In case you have tried all you can to get rid of raccoons on your fence or roof without a success you can go ahead and hire a professional animal removal. They will know the best way to enjoy lasting solution for your raccoon problem.

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Can Raccoons Jump into Houses or Over Fences?

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