Do raccoons eat mice/rats?

If you notice there is a raccoon in the garden, then you need to know your garden is in serious danger. This is because the raccoons are known to destroy the gardens when they are looking for food like the vegetables, worms and insects. This means the raccoons are very active animals especially when it comes to hunting. You shall find some raccoons hunting in groups, and this means they shall eat anything that comes along their path. The ability of eating both meat and vegetables means they have a wide range of food options.

Smaller rats
Raccoons are known to eat rats and mice. However, they do not do this often. You find some raccoons targeting the smaller mice, and rats, which shall be easy to kill, and do not have much speed. You shall not find them hunting rats, which live in groups, or the ones that are very large. This means they target the smaller ones, which live in smaller groups.

When they lack other sources of food
With many different food options, you rarely find the raccoons eating the mice or the rats. This is due to the very expansive menu they have on the food chain. However, in an event, which means they hardly have any access to food, they shall turn to hunting the rats and mice.

Have good hunting skills
Raccoons have very strong slaws, and fast speed, and this means they have the ability to hunt easily. They can crawl on small hiding places, climb walls, and go into the wild. This is an added advantage to them, since they shall use this to increase their catch. When in the wild, you see raccoons chasing after the smaller animals, and this gives them food.

Omnivorous animals
Raccoons are known to eat different kinds of foods like,

• Pet food
• Fish
• Garbage
• Insects

This means that rats and mice are also in danger. However, this is not usually the case when the raccoon has a wide range of food options they can eat. In the urban environment, raccoons can eat a collection of meals easily. This has come in handy for the rats, since they are not in any potential danger. However, if there is a group of raccoons in the region, it becomes very easy for them to hunt the mice, and the rats, and get good food sources easily. Raccoons have a very rich diet, and can survive eating vegetables and meat.

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Do raccoons eat mice/rats?

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