Do raccoons swim?

It is said that the raccoons are known to swim and this is a matter of fact true. They are very good swimmers and they use their hands to paddle the water. They are known to favor and thrive in places, which have water. This means people who have pools need to be on the lookout for the raccoons.

Love water bodies
If you stay near a lake, a pond or a river, there are many chances you shall spot a raccoon. This is very common and in many occasions, you shall find them swimming. This is their habitat and they use it when they are going to the toilet when cleaning their food, or when they are playing.

Wash their hands
It is stated that the raccoons love the stay near water so that they can wash their hands and at the same time wash they food. They love the dip their hands in the water, and they wash their face with it. This process is enjoyable for them since they love the aspect of touching water all the time.

Use your pool as their toilet
People who have pools, will find it hard to keep the raccoons off. This is because the raccoons are known to swim in the pools, and they go to the toilet in the pools. They are also known to travel as a group, and this means there are chances of having many raccoons in your pool at any given time. When they are in the pool, they make all manner of noises since they are having loads of fun. This is the best and ideal time for you to choose of means and ways you shall eliminate the raccoons.

Capturing the raccoons
When you have a pool, this shall become a recurring problem, and this means you have to take care of the matter. This is why one needs to think of the lasting solutions to this matter. You need to ensure you keep your pool covered all the time, or when you are not using it, you shall place the repellants. However, if you do not take care of the matter, you will keep on changing the pool water all the time. Some common methods you can use to get rid of the raccoons from your pool are,

• Traps

• Relocation

• Repellants

• Cover the pool

These are ideal methods which one can use and they no longer need to worry about the issue of raccoons all the time.

Focus on lasting solutions
Keeping the raccoons off your compound is very hard. They are known to thrive well in the urban areas, and this means there are higher chances they shall return. You can prevent them from entering in your garden by placing the traps, in the strategic locations. You can also opt to use repellants and sealing all holes leading to your property.

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Do raccoons swim?

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