How much does raccoon removal cost?

If you are having a problem with raccoons in or around your house, you are probably considering contacting a trained professional to get rid of them. The first questions most homeowners ask is – How much will this cost me? The answer to that question depends on several factors.

A professional service will base their fees on the facts. Where are the raccoons nesting? Are they in your yard, or are they 'holed up' under a structure like a porch or shed? Have they nested in your attic? It will be more expensive to remove them from your home than to chase them from your yard. The reasons are simple. In your yard, the raccoons must be either run off and kept out, or trapped and taken away. In your home the raccoons must be carefully removed, entryways must be sealed and the area must be thoroughly cleaned. For raccoons outside your home Average, cost of trapping raccoons is 100-200 dollars per set up and traps, as well as 50.00 for disposable of raccoons, per animal. Inside your home, the price goes up to around 500.00 or more in order to trap and remove raccoons as well as seal up all entryways. There is an additional charge for whatever the cost of clean up and repair involved.

If all this seems too rich for your blood, you can try to DIY. Live traps and lethal traps are both available to the average consumer, and are inexpensive (20.00 and up). It is more reasonable to trap a raccoon live, and dispose of it than to try using poisons or lethal traps mainly because of the animal’s size. If you decide to handle your own eradication plan, keep in mind that you must dispose of the creature after you trap it. This can mean taking the raccoons at least six miles away, or killing them (mercifully) and dealing with the bodies. You might also try making it leave of its own accord with the use of DIY remedies. Bright lights, constant noise, and the scent of dogs or large predators is said to drive them off. Some folks also swear by self-made repellents including ammonia, mothballs, hot peppers, and cucumbers! When dealing with these masked bandits, Make sure that you keep your distance from the raccoon because a scared animal can be vicious, and some carry diseases like rabies. Also, be aware that raccoon bites are particularly dangerous for dogs.

Whichever choice you make, you should act as soon as possible to handle the problem. The longer the raccoons are in residence the more mess you have to deal with. It is also more difficult to deal with an aggravated raccoon and her babies.

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How much does raccoon removal cost?

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