Are raccoons dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

Mischievous Animals For some people, raccoons are mischievous animals but at the same time lovable and furry animals that bring a bit of wilderness into the urban city areas. However, for other people, raccoons are nothing but murderous vandals which pose a serious threat to humans and their pets. However, are raccoons that dangerous for humans, and especially for pets? In this article, we will explore whether raccoons are a real threat to various pets. It is important to mention that there is no doubt that this question is becoming more and more important because raccoons are coming to close to humans and human pets more often. This doesn’t only occur in North America, but in all other parts of the world.

Human-Raccoon Interaction
It is important to mention that today’s human-raccoon interaction wasn’t caused by humans invading various raccoon habitats. It was caused by raccoons invading human dwellings. Raccoons are animals that are extremely adaptable to every situation and habitat. This is why they have been moving from the rural areas to the urban city areas in huge numbers. Just like humans, the raccoons find urban areas convenient and a good source of foods. Some experts believe that the raccoons living in urban areas will become an entirely new raccoon subspecies.

Habituated to Humans
Raccoons have dexterous front paws which they use for opening doors, bins, and cupboards just like humans open them. Raccoons have become so habituated to humans than other wild animals that they even aren’t scared of humans.

Raccoons are animals that can eat everything they find edible. This is why they find an average yard as an as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Raccoons in your yard will eat anything they find in it, from bird seeds to pet food. But, will your pets prevent raccoons from eating their food?

Are Raccoons Dangerous to Dogs?
Dogs literally hate raccoons and they become aggressive when they see raccoons eating their food. This mostly ends up in a fight between a pet dog and a raccoon. When your dog gets involved in a fight with a raccoon, the animal will most likely bite your dog and transmit it various diseases, such as rabies and leptospirosis. Immediately take your pet dog to a vet if it has been involved in a fight with a raccoon.

Raccoons and Cats
Raccoons and cats seem to like each other. Cats generally ignore the presence of a raccoon in your backyard and they usually back off when a raccoon enters your yard. However, even cats sometimes get into a fight with raccoon where raccoons can transmit rabies and leptospirosis to your cat.

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Are raccoons dangerous to cats, dogs, or other pets?

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