What are Racoons Scared Of?

While raccoons might seem like they are cute, fluffy woodland creatures, they can by vicious scavengers that carry multiple diseases and parasites, and will attack whenever they feel threatened. If you are beginning to have a problem with these furry intruders, then you should take care of it as soon as possible, to make sure that your pets and family, encountering them in passing, aren’t at risk of getting sick. Whether they are sniffing around your home at night, disturbing you, or starting to go through your garbage, there are a few ways to scare them off, for good.

When dealing with raccoons, like other rodents such as mice and rats, you might be tempted to set your dog on them. While, yes, it is true that a large dog that is quite aggressive, will scare off the raccoon, you should also keep in mind that, when threatened, a raccoon will attack. These attacks can put your dog at risk of parasites, or other diseases like rabies, that will make your dog incredibly sick. This is one of the most popular methods to get rid of raccoons, but remember that this should be an aggressive dog- a gentler dog or cat will not only not scare off the rodent, but will add an unnecessary risk to your pet getting hurt.

If you do not have a dog to set on the raccoon, a similar result can be achieved with a loud person wielding either a broom or pans. Keep in mind, though, that similarly to using your pet, you should always stay out of the attack range of a raccoon when using this method.

Keep in mind that for everything that will drive away a pesky rodent, there are other methods that will not work, no matter how they are marketed. High pitched ultrasound machines, often sold with the promise that ‘all rodents will run away from the noise’ are false, as are any kind of odor repellent, such as mothballs or wolf urine.

There are many ways to scare off any raccoons that have decided to take up residence on your property, all of them moderately effective in the long-run. If you are having problems with a furry intruder on your property, getting into your garbage and generally causing a ruckus that disturbs your sleep, try one of these tricks, and watch that rodent scurry off, not wanting to come around again.

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What are Racoons Scared Of?

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