Will a Rat chew through the ceiling?


Rats are mischievous animals and sometimes when you are suspicious that you have rats in your house, you will do anything to get rid of them as quick as possible. All through history, mankind has fought timeless battles trying to get the rats out of the face of the earth. Have they succeeded?

Where are rats found?
Do not be surprised when taking a morning run through the wild to meet a bunch of rats just sneaking to have their “breakfast.” In the night while you are walking you will also come up this nasty animals. Basically, you will find the rats in the rural as well as urban/city. They will flourish better where there are people living in the area.

Popular complaints about rats
The following is a comprehensive list of the popular complaints usually associated with the rats.

• Rats scratching through the walls.
• Having the rats in the storage room.
• Rats chewing through the electric wires.
• Rats having to strike the kitchen storeroom.
• Possibility of a hazard.

These are the most common complaints that we have heard from the home owners and if you too are experiencing the same but you do not really know what is bothering you, then the wild guess is that you have a bunch of rats in your house and you need to deal with them.

Common indicators that the ceiling has been chewed through
There are some certain thing that will illustrate to you that your ceiling has been chewed through. Here are some of the common indicators.

• If you are hearing some noises in the attic. They are dynamic in nature. Therefore, if you are hearing noises in the attic, most probably, they are doing their dirty work of chewing through the attic and you need to check this out.
• Small inconsistent holes. In case you have been observing small holes in the ceiling, then this is a common indicator that there are some unwanted visitors in your ceiling.
• Droppings, urine as well as collectibles. If you have visited the attic and observed that there are some dropping in the attic, then this is a common indictor that the rats are doing their dirty activities.

What should you do?

Take it easy and if you can do it, then you should you contact a professionals to remove the animals out of your home. Otherwise you can set up some traps in your house that will get rid of the animals out.

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Will a Rat chew through the ceiling?

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