What Does Rat Feces Look Like? Where Is It Found?

The easiest way a person can identify rat infestation that has taken its toll is through recognizing rat scat. A rat’s poop is unique. This fact makes it easier for you to identify rat scat and not confuse it with the scat of other wild animals. If you have rat invasion, you will find rat droppings in your attic, yard, home, and other areas on your property. In order to be 100% sure that you have rats on your property, you must find rat poop and you must know how it looks like. With a little help from our side, you will learn how to identify rat scat and take some action in exterminating rats on your property. We will also tell you how to handle rat scat without getting infected.

Identifying Brown Rat Poop
Mice and rats are pretty much the same animals. However, they are different in size and different in the way how their poop looks like. People can easily make difference between mice scat and rat poop. If brown rats have invaded your home, the easiest way to be completely sure you have brown rat invasion in your home is to watch out for the quantity of scat left on a daily basis. If the quantity of scat is up to 40 to 50 pellets of poop a day, they you can be completely sure that you have brown rat invaders in your home. The size of brown rat scat is almost ¾ inch in length. A brown rat’s scat is rectangular in shape and it has blunt ends. If you see such scat on your property, you can be sure that you have brown rats on your property.

Identifying Roof Rat Poop
Not only brown rats can be found on people’s properties; roof rats can also be found on people’s properties as well. There is an easy way how a person can identify it has roof rats on its property. If a person discovers approximately 40 to 70 pellets of scat a day whose size is one and a half of an inch in length, then a person can be certain it has roof rats on its property. However, if a person finds sausage-shaped and large scat on its property, then it can be sure that it has black rats on its property.

Finding Rat Feces Easily
One thing about those nasty rats is that they normally poop wherever they want. Rats usually poop at the same place where they find food.

Is Rat Poop Dangerous?
Yes, it is! You should never handle it with your bare hands because you could easily contract diseases such as salmonella or Hantavirus.

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What Does Rat Feces Look Like? Where Is It Found?

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