Do Rats Hibernate?

Most wild animals normally work hard during the summer, fall and autumn to gather foods or eat enough food knowing that they will go into hibernation during winter. This is the reason why people do not normally worry much about wild animal infestation during the winter season. But the case of rats is different as they do not hibernate at any season of the year. More so, rats usually love to stay in the dark place and always work day and night going around looking for what to eat. The only thing is that during the day rats usually go into darker place.

Why Rat Usually Gather Food Just Like Many Other Rodents
Rat digestive system and body mechanisms work very fast which results to quick digestion of their foods. For that reason, they can easily get hungry at any point in time including during the daytime and night time. They forage for food to ensure they get the energy to live. Knowing that they can easily get hungry this rodent normally store up foods in their dwelling to feed on at any point in time. The interesting thing is that if the weather is okay rats can leave the stored food to go outside in search of more and more foods on daily bases.

Rat Infestation in Your House during the Winter Season
Rats living in the attic, garage or any other parts of your house will cause more trouble and damages to the things around during the winter season. This is due to the unfriendliness of the weather which normally prevent rat from going out to look for food making them to search around your garden. For that reason, there rat infestation is known to be more severe during the winter than any other time of the year as they do not hibernate.

How to Handle Rat Infestation during Winter Season
If you have rats disturbing your garage garden or any other parts of your property during the winter the best thing to do is to clear up the place to let light get into all the corners. Since the weather is not comfortable in their body they will definitely move out to other place.

Block out the Holes for Entry and Exit of Rat in Your House to Solve the Infestation Problem
To ensure permanent solution to your rat infestation problem during the winter season, you have to search for entry and exit holes made by rats in your home. Block and seal up the holes so as to prevent rats from coming into your garage, attic and other parts of your house.

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Do Rats Hibernate?

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