Do rats attack human necks?

Rats are not vampires... they do not want to drink your blood. Having said that, do not be fooled by their diminutive size. They can be very dangerous. Here are five reasons why

1) It is almost impossible to keep them out. A rat is an amazing feat of nature. Its foldable body and supple spine allows it to fit in spaces that you may not even see. An average sized rat can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. A rat has incredibly powerful jaws and strong sharp teeth. They can chew through wood, plastic, vinyl, metal, and cement. They are strong swimmers and will slosh through your septic to travel up a drainage pipe to access your home. The can also climb vertical walls at great heights, allowing them easy roof access through vents or chimneys.
2) They are everywhere, and reproduce like…well- RATS. Rats can be found everywhere around the world. A single pair of rats can have 6000+ offspring in their lifetime (about 2 years). Studies show that in many Major cities like New York, Chicago, Paris, and London there is at least one rat per person living there, maybe more.
3) It is almost impossible to locate their nests, even inside your home. While rats are noisy buggers with all their fighting and scratching in your walls and ceilings, they hide their nests. Rats move in to place that have certain qualities. They want access to food and water, and a place safe from predators and the elements to raise their young. You may succeed in finding the hole(s) it uses to access your home. You may even find its favorite place to eat or chew. A rat has the ability to be so stealthy that you may not hear or see it for weeks…that does not mean it is gone.
4) They are almost too smart to kill. It is true. Many people think they can throw out some poison, or set a trap and BINGO, no more rats. Most rats will only taste a small amount of anything new. The rat wants to make sure it does not sicken it….smart huh? Their fear of the new also helps them avoid walking into traps.
5) Rats will drink human blood. Rat may not be known for bites, but if a rat does bite you (most often face, neck, hands, or feet) it will develop a taste for your blood. Studies have shown that rats, if offered human blood, will eat that in a larger quantity than their favorite foods. Kind of makes you wonder if Dracula should have been a rat instead of a bat!

If you believe you have a rat infestation, you might want to enlist the aid of professionals to get rid of them, especially are you very young or very family members in your home.

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Do rats attack human necks?

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