Do Rats Bit Sleeping Babies?

Do rat bite sleeping babies? Is it possible for rat to gnaw or chew on someone's feet while the person is sleeping? These and more are the most popular question people usually ask about rat. The truth is that rat bit to human are for a reason as rats easily scare away from humane being at any point in time. A rat must have been living with you for a long time and gotten familiar with things around to come down in the night where you are. But, the truth is that if they find something attractive or interesting can actually bite in the process of trying to eat up the thing.

If Your Baby's Feet or Hands Are Unwashed They Can Attract Rat Bit
One thing you need to know about rat is that it does not just come around to bite your sleeping baby as something must have attracted it down. It could be smell of fish in the hand of your sleeping baby or smell of chocolate or other salty or sugary foods like chocolate which your baby was eating before he or she got to sleep. So, if your baby have unwashed hand before going to bed there is probability that rat can be attracted by the smell on your baby's hand which can result to a bite.

Rat Can Gnaw Or Chew On Your Baby's Leg Or Finger Just Like With Any Other Objects Around
Rats just like every other rodent have incisors that continuously growing. For that reason, they normally chew and gnaw to keep the teeth growth in check to avoid over growth. That made them to gnaw at anything they see around them at any point in time including your sleeping baby's finger or feet.

Rat Does Not Just Bit or Attack Sleeping Person
Another thing you need to know about rat is that it is not a vicious animal and always scare by little human movement or noise. Rats do not just attack or bite people because they are babies or because they are sleeping. They must be looking for foods before noticing your salty finger or unwashed lets after removing your shoes and others.

Rat Bite Is Not As Poisonous As You Think
Though rat bite is not completely risk free the percentage of risk associated with it is very low. It is known that rat bite is only 2% risky the physicians to only watch and clean up rat bite and allow the victim to go.

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Do Rats Bit Sleeping Babies?

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