How Smart Are Rats?

Both mice and rats are categorized among the intelligent rodents. Rats are best explained as natural students who do extremely well at understanding and learning concepts. When you compare rats and other animals, they are said to be smarter than dogs. Also, rats have ability to think about things and even figuring things out same way dogs do. Pet rats are known to have ability to understand when their name is being called. That is the reason they are said to be as wise or smart as dogs are.

Rats communication and how smartness
Just as other animals re wise and smart on their own so rats are. The special mod of communication of rats is what typified their uniqueness and smartness. They are known to communicate with each other through touch. When a male rat want to indicate interest for sex with female rat it will do so through touch. They also know how to communicate to each other about danger in a particular place.

Rats can bite you and blow air on your lets so you will not wake from sleep
Some rats living in the house has a way of leaking dirty hands and foot of people. The most amazing thing is that such rats usually blow air to the legs when they discover that they have injured you through the leaking and biting. The reason for blowing you breeze is to make sure you do not wake up to chase after them or disturb them from leaking your dirty hands.

Rats are known to eat pepper without getting harmed

If you have plenty pepper that is not grinded in your home, it can be the reason rats will pay you visit. They love to leak pepper and know the best way to do so without getting disturbed with the pepper. Sometime you will find rats sucking in air into the mouth to neutralize the pepper.

Rats usually understand their holes even when things are used to block the opening
To proof to you about the smartness of rats, they are able to locate their holes even when covered with something. They will be able to identify the particular place where their holes are. You must ensure that you do not use your bare hand to drop poisoned food for rat if you truly want to kill the rat. If you do, the rat can easily perceive your hand in the poison and will not eat it.

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How Smart Are Rats?

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