Do relocated rodents survive? (No, they perish out of their usual territory)

It is often advocated not to kill the rodents after you catch them. This can be really inhumane because many kinds of rodents like skunks and squirrels are a real asset to our wildlife. However finding out alternative ways other than killing is extremely important. There are many available options which can help out in getting rid of the rodents without killing them. However there is a problem associated with getting rid of rodents especially if you choose to relocate them. People usually trap the rodents and then opt to relocate them in places far away from their houses. The most important thing is to select the timing of relocating the animals. The most important thing is to note down and observe the timing of the animal's breeding time. If the animal is trapped during or near the breeding season, then it can be dangerous because in these cases the security and survival of the animals and especially its babies are in danger. Even if you choose to relocate the animals and separate the partners from one another, then it can be dangerous for the animals as well because when they are displaced from their usual and territory, then it can be lethal as well for the adult partners.

Relocating the rodents
There is a specific technique involved in trapping the rodents especially if there is the breeding or nursing season around or if you have seen the babies in the nests of the rodents around or in the house. First of all there is a need to set the traps, mostly cage traps in order to catch the rodents are set and then you have to wait in order to let the rodents come in the traps until all the animals are trapped inside the trap. After capturing the rodents, the relocation of these animals is done in an extremely careful way. The rodents should be relocated only after completely sealing the entry points of house where these rodents could enter into the house again. This is the key point in relocating the rodents successfully.

Problems regarding trapping the rodents
The most important problem associated with catching rodents is that they are shy to traps and usually do not come out of their nests especially during the day time. Moreover you should also make sure that you have trapped the whole family of rodents including the adults as well as the litter. This will help out in relocating them successfully without any possibility or chance of perishing away of the animals.

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Do relocated rodents survive? (No, they perish out of their usual territory)

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