When your home has been infested with a colony of bats, you will surely find large quantities of bat faces, or guano, as it is known. Bats eat a ton of insects daily and have a very high metabolism, so it follows that they go a lot, too; each bat can go from 20-30 times per day! If you multiply that by 100, 500, 1,000…you get the idea. There will be very large piles below the spots where the individual bats roost. Beside the terrible odor that emanates from the piles of guano and urine, a bacterial lung infection can fester in the pile, making for a nasty illness.

Before you can clean up a bat mess, though, you must first get rid of all of the bats, and seal up the openings they came through so that they do not come back in. Once this has been completed, you must get yourself and the area to be cleaned all ready. You will need protection from the spores of infection that may linger behind the bats. A full protection suit, gloves, and a full-face mask are necessities.

Once you are suited up adequately, you may begin the clean-up process. The first step is to vacuum up the loose feces. You may have to scrape up dried parts; vacuum everything that will come up. Then, spray down the entire area with a hose, to wet down any remaining spores.

The next step is to scrub with a stiff scrub brush and an enzyme-based solution, making sure to clean beyond the original stained area on all sides. The enzyme-based solution is both a cleanser and a sanitizer, so the concrete will be clean after scrubbing and rinsing well. Finally, if you find you still have stains, you should use a pet-cleaning product for stains and odors. Spray liberally and scrub again, after cleaning off the brush. Let the solution sink into the concrete for about an hour, then rinse with the hose. You can use an LCD black light to check to see whether you have gotten everything. If there is still stain or odor, keep applying the pet odor and stain remover and wiping it up with paper towels after each application, until it is all gone. Once it is completely cleaned up, finish off the area with a strong disinfectant to be sure all germs are gone.

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