Will repellents get a wild animal out of the chimney?

It All Depends Many people who have a wild animal in their chimney ask themselves will repellents get the animal out of their chimney. Well, such people should know that there is no definite answer to that question.

The answer to that question will depend on the type of the animal that has invaded the chimney, the number of wild animals in the chimney, if there is a nest in the chimney, etc. If the animal is there to nest, then you are most likely to get it out of your chimney using repellents. However, if a wild animal or several wild animals are in your chimney by accident, then repellents won’t get them out of your chimney. How? Well if a wild animal got inside your chimney by accident, it would certainly get out somehow. Animals which get inside chimney by accident usually get stuck inside chimney and repellents won’t work in that case even if you want it. And if there is a wild animal with a nest in your chimney, then you should be certain about what repellant are you going to use.

Common Wild Animals Found in Chimneys
Not all wild animals are fond of invading people’s chimneys. However, there are several wild animals that are very fond of invading chimneys. In such animals we include bats and raccoons. Squirrels and birds are also fond of invading chimneys, but not as much as bats and raccoons.

Raccoons usually get inside chimneys because they find it as a great place for nesting. Bats usually get inside chimney by accident. These animals rarely nest inside a chimney. Squirrels typically enter chimneys to give birth there and build a nest. The main reason why birds enter chimneys is because they want to build a nest there.

Bats in Chimney

You should never deal with bats in your chimney because these animals are protected and even approaching them closely is considered illegal. We assure you that if a bat ever invades your chimney that it will leave it in a couple of days because bats are migratory animals. However, if a bat gets stuck in a chimney, you should call wildlife professional.

Squirrels in Chimney
You will know a squirrel is in your chimney if you hear sounds from your chimney during daylight hours. If you have squirrels in your chimney, then the animals most likely have a nest of babies in your chimney. Because of that you should handle the problem to wildlife professionals.

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Will repellents get a wild animal out of the chimney?

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