What should I do with a rodent after I catch it?

Sometimes people really get confused when they trap the rodents in cages and they do not have an idea of disposing them of or getting rid of them. The most difficult thing is trapping the rodents and disposing them of when they are caught in the live cages and traps. Many people have different points of view regarding disposing of the rodents caught in the live traps. Many people are of the thought that these animals should be killed in a humane way. However there are many people who are not in favor of killing these animals as these are the asset to the wild and should be relocated over there. Therefore there are many other options of getting rid of the rodents after catching the in traps. The main purpose of these actions is just to bring them out of the house and then never let them enter again because these animals are a real nuisance. That is why it is better to decide in time about disposing them off because they may escape once again after being caught.

Getting rid of rodents in humane way
Usually making the decision at right time can be very difficult for some people about getting rid of the rodents at the right time. Usually it is better to take the decision shortly after the animal is caught because there are chances that it may run away and escape from the trap very soon.

Killing the animals by knocking off its head
This is the most humane and painless way of killing a rodent. This method has been successful especially in case of rodents like rats and squirrels. In this method the animal is given a very light knocking on the head with the help of hammer or any other thing like that. This will result in damaging the skull and brain of the animals instantly leading to the sudden death of the animal. In fact it is the most preferred way of killing a rodent after catching it.

Poisoning the rodent
In some cases while trapping the rodents, people use baits in traps and also poison them. As a result the animal can die instantly or after some time even in the trap. However many people are not in the favor of this method because this is not a humane way and the animals can be in pain for a long time.

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What should I do with a rodent after I catch it?

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