Do rodents chew pex or other water pipes?

Rodents chew nonstop due to their constantly growing front teeth. To keep them filed down; they must chew on things all the time. These front teeth are also strong and durable so they can penetrate hard materials like wood, rock, and bone the teething material they prefer in the wild is natural woods (like trees). In an urban setting, they must find an alternative and they will gladly chomp on drywall, concrete, wooden rafters, all types of insulation, paper, vinyl, or slate siding, plastic, electrical wires, concrete foundations, and YES pex or PVC water pipes. This is bad news for any homeowner or businessperson. Not only are these things time consuming and costly to repair, but possibly dangerous. When they chew up your trim, siding, or support rafters it not only looks unsightly, there can be serious structural damage that can destroy the building and be dangerous for its inhabitants. Shorts and Power outages from chewed electrical lines can cause shorts, blackout, or, heavens’ forbid, fires.

Rodents that chew through pex and other water pipes can destroy your plumbing, cause your home to flood, destroy your septic system, and create serious health issues. Any of these things should be thought of as dangerous and costly. Boxes of files, pictures, books, and other ephemera, irreplaceable keepsakes, and other precious items that you have carefully stored in closets and attics will be used not only for teething, but used for nesting materials as well. If you think, the chewing is bad, waits until you find piles of droppings around your home, and chewed up food containers in your cabinets. Having rodents in your home also means other infestations like lice fleas, and myriad of diseases that they carry.

If they stay long, enough you will deal with their young. There will be squealing and scratching inside the walls as well as the smell caused by their waste. Getting rid of rodents in your home is not easy either. If you DIY, with traps chances are you will miss some dead bodies or nests of babies and end up with those rotting in your walls. Poison can be a danger for you and your family, and most home remedies do not work. The best solution in these cases is to call a professional. Do not trust your home and family to shot-in-the-dark solutions. If you do have, an infestation you want, it gone as quickly as possible and a professional service will do just that. They have training knowledge and equipment to do the job right the first time.

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Do rodents chew pex or other water pipes?

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