What can rodents climb?

You need to know that rodents are very clever animals, and they have the ability of climbing high walls in order to gain entry in homes or in the garden. Having a wall, which has cracks, does not mean you are safe. The rodents can start chewing on the cracks, until they get an entry place. The same happens when you use cheap, and weak materials for the walls.


Rodents are known to climb different kinds of walls. When they do this, you shall notice they enter the place and leave at will. It is hard for them at first but with many trials, they shall enter. When they are moving in large groups, it becomes easier for them to chew and get a passing. The reason for climbing walls includes to,

• Gain entry
• Find food
• Get a place to stay
• Away from predators

Once they find a high wall, they keep on looking for the regions, which have the cracks and this enables them to enter easily. When you have a wall made from timber, they shall chew until they get the opening.

Attics are very good places for the rodents to live. They shall climb different places like walls, and trees in order to have the access to the attic. This place is safe for them, they can play, and even breed in large numbers. You notice different rodents like squirrels, and rats love the attic, since it is away from the predators and suitable for their daily living.

Wooden areas
When you have the wooden areas, you are prone to find the rodents climbing them. This is who you find many places, which have wooden gates and fences have rodents. You can make the change and place oil or tar at the foot of the gate or wall, and this shall scare away the rodents since they do not like the smell. Alternatively, you can use repellants to keep the animals off.

When you have the open drainpipes, you find the rodents will climb them and gain entry to the home. This is common when you leave them open, or you use cheap materials for your drainage, which the rodents can chew. Focus on choosing lasting drain solutions, which ensure you get good leads easily.

Use metal
In order to prevent the rodents from gaining entry, you need to make sure that you access the right materials for the walls. This means using materials, which shall not allow the rodents to climb. In this case, you find it suitable when you are using the metal, or the wire mesh. However, ensure you use the high quality ones or they rodents can find a way to chew and get access to your home.

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What can rodents climb?

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