How to keep rodents out of my garden

Having a garden, which has the rodents is a nightmare. This is due to the hectic nature, which they have, and this shall limit you from harvesting. However, you now have a good number of ways, which you can adapt and this means you no longer need to worry about the issue of rodents for a long time.

Use wire mesh
When you seal the garden with the wire mesh, you notice the rodents are not in a position to pass. This is the best and efficient way, which you shall use to keep your garden safe all the time. It is highly advisable for one to use the very strong mesh, and this makes it ideal for one to access good results. Take into consideration the use of mesh, which has small holes, and this means even the tiny rodents cannot gain entry.

Use repellants
If you do not want to kill the rodents and you want to scare them away, you can opt to use the repellants. This is an agent, which shall make it impossible for the rodents to stay in your garden. Once they hear the smell, they shall run for their dear lives. This is ideal when you put it in the places, where there are shrubs, and this makes it easy for you to keep your garden safe all the time.

Have a strong wall
These days, you have a good way of keeping all the rodents way from your garden for good. However, this is a huge investment process, but you find that it is appealing and you no longer need to worry about the rodents destroying your crops for such a long time. this includes the use of a strong wall. This means using the materials, which the rodents cannot chew, and make the wall high enough to prevent them from climbing. Many homeowners opt to use the stone walls and it leads them to access good results

Invest in prevention measures
You find at times, you need to use the preventative methods. Once you do this, you hardly need to worry since you are on the correct path to obtaining good results. you can adapt some methods like,

• Seal all the holes
• Ensure there is no food
• No enter into the garden
• Remove food lying around

When you use some of these methods, you will not need to worry that you have the issue of the rodents in your garden. It is such a stressing situation when you find the rodents in your garden just when you are about to do the harvest. However, when you take into account some of these measures, you no longer need to worry since you shall put the matter to rest and end up getting good results easily.

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How to keep rodents out of my garden

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