What is a rodent's mating habits?

You will find that the rodents have different population details. Some rodents are known to mate twice a year, while some are known to breed all the time. You also find there are mating habits among the rodents. Some rodents are very particular when it comes to mating and they shall take time to choose their partners. However, this is hardly the case when dealing with other rodents, which mate easily with members of the opposite sex easily.

They are social animals
Rodents are very social animals, and this means they love living in large groups, and this makes a huge impact on their mating trends. This way, you will find that those, which live in large colonies, find it easier to get a mating partner. They only need to choose the right time for the mating. You find that some rodents are active throughout the year, and this leads to an increase of the population. This is unlike other groups of animals, which are not social and this limits the chances of having offspring's.

Active throughout the year
Many rodents are very active throughout the year and this is due to the ideal seasons, which are favorable to them. When it comes to the rats, they are active all the time, and this is one of the reasons as to why they are very many due to the high reproduction rate. The same happens to other kinds of rodents like the squirrels, and the porcupines, they are active but their production levels are not very high.

Different kind of mating
Rodents are in different groups like mice, rats, porcupines, and squirrels have different gestation periods. This means they shall mate during different times of the year and this is dependant on their species. Some are known to mate all the time, and some are known to wait until it is the right season to do the mating. Generally, there are different mating habits and some are,

• One male and many females
• Different males mate different females making them promiscuous
• One male one female

Mating randomly
You shall find that it is common behavior for the rodents to mate randomly. This is when one is one heat, and there is another member of the opposite sex, they shall engage. This is usually the trend and it ends up increasing the population widely. This happens mostly to the ones that are living in large groups, and want to increase the population.

When you notice there are rodents in your home or in the farm, you need to take quick action since there are higher chances that they are very active and this means that after sometime, the population shall increase rapidly. This is usually the case, making it harder to control the population after sometime

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What is a rodent's mating habits?

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