How Rodents Communicate Using Pheromones

Pheromone is a chemical secretion signal use by different animal species to attract attention of other animals in the same species about a particular thing. Different animals use pheromone release to communicate different thing to other animals around. Some animals release pheromones when they want to alert other animals of the same species about danger, availability of foods, desire to mate and others. The rodents are not left out in this as they equally use pheromone to communicate with each order in different ways. So, this article is dedicated to provide you information on how rodents communicated to each other using pheromone.

Rodents Excrete Pheromone to Notify Other Rodents Their Presence in New Territory
Just as different animals excrete pheromone when they want to communicate with animals of same specie so rodents do also. When rodent like rat get to a new territory it will excrete pheromone to notify other rats in the area that it is in their territory. That will let the rats in that area to know that a new member has joined their territory.

Rodent Use Pheromone Secretion to Signal to Others about Their Readiness to Mate
If female rodent is in intense heat period and want to mate, the female will excrete pheromone to attract male of the same specie within the territory. If there happen to be a male within the area it will start to move towards the direction of the pheromone smell so as to mate with the available female. The pheromone released in a particular area by female rat can attract as many male rats around the area as possible.

Rodent like Rat User Pheromone to Know the Health Status of Another
When a rat wants to know the health status of another rat in a particular area it will do that using the pheromone released by the rat. The pheromone can be released through urine with the smell that can attract other rat around the place. Apart from rodent other rodents like rabbits and others normally communicate same way using pheromone.

Rodents like Rats Use Pheromone to Let the Liters Known When They Are Ready to Nurse
A mother rat that want to nurse the litters after coming back from foraging can let the litters known that she is ready to feed them by excreting pheromone. The babies will be keen enough to master the pheromone released by their mother to enable them know when to nurse.

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How Rodents Communicate Using Pheromones

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